Reshoring with Robotic Welding & Value Add

In 2013, Performance had an opportunity to compete for a product being sourced in Mexico. The OEM customer was sourcing each component in the metal assembly as piece parts. The customer was continually struggling with rejected parts causing them to be “line down” in assembly while they dealt with the long lead times of getting parts reworked in Mexico.

Performance took a different approach and offered a price for the fully assembled product brought in complete. The product was made up of 25 different laser/form/weld/powder coated parts. Performance used its lean manufacturing concepts and robotic welding technologies to offer a product at the same price as the supplier in Mexico. Additionally, Performance utilized its stocking program to offer the customer one-day lead times, which dramatically reduced the inventory levels for our customer.

Quality parts, competitively priced, delivered on time, every time.

Delivering Consistency in Large Assemblies

Performance has an OEM customer who was sourcing a 10’ x 14’ x 6’ powder coated metal assembly from a competitor. The finished product has different components ranging from 7 gauge up to 3/4” thick carbon steel. When the incumbent supplier was welding the product it would warp and distort, introducing variability in the weldment, which caused a significant amount of rework in the assembly process.

Performance analyzed the product and recommended a custom fixture and welding the product on a large frame robot. Performance also worked hard on sequencing the welding to reduce the amount of heat put into each component to eliminate the distortion. The end result is that Performance produced a large weldment with over 8 hours of arc time that consistently meets the demanding customer spec of 3,300mm -0mm/+2mm.

Additionally, Performance worked with the customer to pre-assemble the unit to reduce cycle time and increase throughput at their final assembly station.