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We provide solutions to meet differing needs. Whether it’s a high-volume sub-assembly or a low-volume complete SKU, our goal is to reduce your supply chain complexity and deliver complete business solutions.


Our fully-assembled solutions are ready to sell. Our approach also provides you dedicated manufacturing footprint and resources, for consistent product delivery. A complete product package includes user manuals, full functional testing, and stocking level management at your warehouse. Our full assembly includes wiring, point-to-point connections, hydraulic connections and
fittings, motor mounting, stringent torque specifications, and fan assemblies. A final polishing makes the product shine, delighting your end customer.


With your first call, we’ll schedule a site visit to gain an understanding of what you do. We map the part through your facility to understand handling and flow, optimal quantities, and line stocking solutions. We identify opportunities to add value and eliminate waste from your process.