Complete Products & Shorter Lead Times = Less Inventory

We provide two different types of options for customers looking for complete metal solutions:

  1. Supplying components to your assembly line
  2. Building complete products

Whether it is a high volume sub-assembly or a low volume complete SKU, our goal is to reduce your supply chain complexity and deliver business solutions.

Key Component Supplier

Our process begins with a site visit to gain an intimate understanding of what you do with the product from the minute it arrives on your loading dock. We process map the part through your facility to gain an understanding of how you handle the part, the quantity that is optimal for your flow, lines stocking solutions, and examine additional value added opportunities that eliminate waste from your process. We have grown the business by not just delivering a quality part on time; we deliver a business solution.

Complete Products

For customers who explore outsourcing complete SKU’s we offer solutions including printing user manuals, full functional testing of the product, and managing target stocking levels at your distribution centers. Performance has capabilities to fully assemble finished goods including wiring, point-to-point connections, hydraulic connections and fittings, motor mounting, stringent torque specifications, and fan assemblies. We can even provide a final polishing so the product shines when your customer opens it up!