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Partnership In Action

In 2018, Performance worked with a privately-held global OEM with an underperforming manufacturing plant in the Midwest. Performance assumed contract manufacturing responsibility of the low-volume whole goods made in that plant and shipped them directly to the main distribution center.

Through this collaboration, the OEM was able to downsize operations and increase profit, while still being able to service existing customers. Performance earned recognition as a “Distinguished Supplier” at their annual supplier summit.

Complete Solution, Competitive Cost

In 2017, Performance competed for a product being sourced in Mexico. The OEM customer was sourcing each component in the metal assembly in pieces and continually struggling with rejected parts and long-lead times for replacements.

Performance offered a different approach, providing a solution for a fully assembled product. By utilizing robotic welding, its spray to waste powder coat system, and a dedicated assembly cell, Performance was able to match the total cost of the supplier in Mexico. With shorter lead times, the customer was able to hold less inventory and sell more units in the market, growing their bottom line in the process.